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Communication strategies creation:
WEST MEDIA has conditions to prepare overall strategy of your communication activities by defining your exact target group for your services or products, by professional choice of media and by an overall preparation of your campaign including the final evaluation of all activities.
Try to be original!
Our realized orders:
  • - Promotion of the city of Pilsen
  • - McDonald`s Pilsen & Sv.Kateřina
  • - Zoo Pilsen
  • - Westel
  • - TJ Lokomotiva
  • - Pilsen region
  • - DinoPark
  • - Schneider Bohemia
Do you need to print your advertisement?
What kind of printing machines do we use?
  • - SCITEX Vision
  • - MIVAKI JV3-160
  • - FLEXILAM 262/160
  • - ROLAND
Network of media.
Advertising benches are nowadays a steady component of outdoor advertisement portfolio.
What is production good for?
World is full of creative directors, but there are not many production managers who are able to finish their tasks.